Ethnopharmacology of Alkaloids

Ethnopharmacology of Alkaloids Photo

These are normally happening synthetic aggravates that for the most part contain essential nitrogen atoms these alkaloids are the science, biosynthesis pathway and organic/pharmacological exercises have a portion of the real substance classes. These are group of naturally occurring chemical compounds. Alkaloids are produced large variety of organisms includes bacteria, fungi, plants and animals these are classified based on similarity of carbon skeleton eg: Indole, isoquinoline, pyridine The main properties of these alkaloids they contain oxygen in their molecular structure. Most alkaloids are weak bases, but some, such as theobromine and theophylline, are amphoteric. And these alkaloids have a bitter taste or are poisonous when ingested.

  • Tropane alkaloids
  • Pseudo alkaloids
  • Plant-derived compounds
  • Proto alkaloids
  • Polyamine alkaloids

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